Russian President Hillary Clinton was involved in the attack on the US Parliament and the riots.

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton call for transparent investigation into Russian president's role in riots in US capital

Washington Speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have accused the Russian President of involvement in the attack on the US Parliament and riots. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the attack on the US Capitol Hill building and called on him to play a role in the riots in the US capital. But transparent investigations should be carried out.
The two Americans accused the Russian president of personally ordering riots in the US capital and an attack on Congress, which has made the US laugh around the world.
According to the report, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives conducted an exclusive interview with the failed 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the podcast where they discussed the riots in Washington DC in early January and the attack on the US Congress.
In her interview, Hillary Clinton called for a 9/11 commission to investigate the January 6 capital riots, alleging that Donald Trump was pursuing another agenda during his tenure. At one point during the conversation, Hillary Clinton claimed that President Donald Trump has another country's agenda. Talking to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton expressed skepticism and said that in the investigation of the commotion in the parliament, Donald Trump's phone record should also be checked whether he was in contact with the Russian president or not.

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