Police have traced a 5-year-old Land Cruiser driver

Police have traced a 5-year-old Land Cruiser driver

The child will not drive next time, father submits affidavit to CTO Multan, police seize vehicle

Multan a child driving a Land Cruiser came to the scene, reached the police station with his parents. According to details, a 5-year-old boy driving a Land Cruiser in Multan appeared with his parents at the police station where the traffic police raided the vehicle and seized the vehicle, while the child's father submitted an affidavit to CTO Multan. The father assured me that the child would not drive again.

It should be noted here that the adornment of social media yesterday was a Land Cruiser driven by a very young child on the busiest road of the famous city. As soon as the video was uploaded, it went viral like wildfire. A video of a 5-year-old boy driving on the busiest highway in Multan went viral.

After which the spokesman of the traffic police said that the vehicle was being identified by the cameras installed on the metro route.

A video of a 5-year-old boy driving a Land Cruiser on Bosan Road, Multan's busiest road, has gone viral on social media, showing a child driving fearlessly on the city's main highway. However, the child was not stopped on the way despite the presence of several traffic wardens and police. When the video went viral, traffic police also woke up, collecting footage from CCTV cameras along the route.

According to a traffic police spokesman, the CCTV footage will identify the vehicle number and the owner. Action will be taken against the owner and the minor driver. After the video went viral, social media users made various comments and were seen taking advantage of the management. People said that the police only challan the poor people or they look at motorcycles and rickshaws as well as small vehicles that even challan and treat them rudely. They start to burn anyway. However, now that the police have started tracing the vehicle, let's see how much fine the police imposes after identifying the vehicle and its owner.

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