In Saudi Arabia, a gang of Pakistanis and locals was caught committing a heinous crime

If a gang member hits a vehicle from behind and then engages the driver in an argument, one of the gang members escapes with the vehicle.

Riyadh There are more than 2.5 million Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. While sending billions of rupees in foreign exchange to Pakistan to support its weak economy, they also play a major role in the development and prosperity of Saudi Arabia. However, due to the daily theft, robbery and other illegal activities by a few hundred criminal Pakistanis residing in the country, the remaining millions of Pakistani immigrants also face humiliation.

In a week, it has become common for Pakistanis to report five to seven incidents. In Riyadh, police have arrested an eight-member gang involved in a unique theft, including a Pakistani and seven Saudi nationals. Are Lazman had committed several incidents of stealing vehicles in a traffic accident. According to police, the gang got into the vehicle and hit the oncoming vehicle.

The driver of the crashed vehicle would then be stopped and forced out. Two or three members of the gang would blame the driver for the accident and engage in a heated argument. Meanwhile, one of the workers would have taken his car and fled. They hid the vehicle in the forests of Al-Suwaidi, a suburb of Riyadh. Then they would take out the parts and sell the rest of the car in scrap.

When the accused were traced and arrested, they confessed to 13 incidents. Several stolen vehicles have also been recovered. It should be noted that a few days ago, a criminal gang of 13 people was also caught in Jeddah, out of which 11 are Pakistanis, 1 is Indian and 1 is Sudanese. According to Jeddah police, the men were involved in a number of power cable thefts, which police eventually tracked down and arrested.

Jeddah police spokesman Muhammad al-Ghamdi said the detainees were between 20 and 40 years old. The men stole electric cables and copper cutting equipment from buildings under construction. So far, they had looted goods worth Rs 1.88 lakh in various incidents. The accused carried out incidents in different areas of Riyadh. According to police, all members of the gang have been brought under control and have been handed over to the public prosecution for trial.

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