Glass drinking and barbecue have been banned in certain places in the UAE

Ajman will be fined 1,000 dirhams for drinking glass and barbecue in public parks, beaches and green spaces in the state of Ajman.

Ajman will be fined 1000 dhrms drink smoke and barbecue in public park.
 Glass drinking and barbecue have been banned in certain places in the UAE

Dubai January 27,2021 in the United Arab Emirates state of Ajman, the government has banned drinking glass, barbecue and throwing garbage in certain places. Those involved in the violation will be fined 1,000 dirhams. The Ajman Municipality has announced that those who barbecue on beaches, public parks and green spaces, drink glass or throw rubbish will be fined one thousand dirhams.

A special inspection campaign has been launched by the municipality in this regard in which besides taking action against such anti-civilization and anti-law activities, fines are also being imposed on them.

Khalid al-Husseini, director of Ajman Municipality's health and environment department, said the ban was aimed at protecting the health and lives of locals and tourists.

Coastal areas, public parks and lush green lands are places where crowds of people come to have fun. Providing a healthy and safe environment for these people is our first responsibility. That is why negative activities that harm the environment have been banned. During the inspection campaign of the municipal inspectors, it was revealed that parents also allow their children to play football in public parks.

This increases the risk of breakage of park seats and fences. Most people throw wrappers, rubbish and other junk in public places instead of dustbins. Penalties are being imposed on those involved in all such violations, while separate charges are being levied on them for repairing damage to public property. Even in public places, many people are drinking glass in public in the evening and harming their health, although warning boards have been put up in this case.

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