Social media users divided over Qasim Ali Shah's statement on women

 It is a tragedy that almost everyone who is gaining popularity in this society uses his platform to protect the patriarchal system. It is unbelievable that in this day and age a man sees a woman primarily as a wife and mother, but not as a human being.

Social media users divided over Qasim Ali Shah's statement on women


The role of a good mother and a good wife on social media in Pakistan for the past one day, and whether a woman has come to this world to play only these two roles, is under discussion.

The above mentioned comment was made by journalist Nayab Gohar Jan on a viral video clip in which a statement made by a Pakistani motivational speaker regarding a good mother and wife is being criticized.

In the clip, Motivational Speaker Qasim Ali Shah says, "How to be a good wife is not taught anywhere. You go to a school, up to a matriculation degree, it is not taught anywhere in 10 years. However, these two roles are very important in a woman's life, and one of them is the role of a good wife and the other of a good mother.

He further added that it is not taught in school, it is not taught in college and it is not taught in university. And what remains is a good mother and a good wife, a source of training at home, that is, for the child to see (and learn) his mother.

This viral clip is taken from a question and answer session on Qasim Ali Shah's Facebook channel in which a woman named Hur Fatima asks him, "Can working women not prove to be good mothers for their children?"

Criticizing Qasim Ali Shah's clip, many users say that if girls are not taught to be good wives and good mothers in school, then boys are not taught to be good husbands and good fathers.

A user named Aina wrote sarcastically, "Can Imran Khan (in educational institutions) introduce a new article called 'Perfect Wife 101

At the same time, she says, we always talk about whether working women can be good mothers, but we never talk about whether working men can be good fathers.

Another Twitter user commented, "Brother, this is cruelty. When boys are taught from the first grade to be good husbands and good fathers, why not girls? '

In the opinion of Ali Tareen, son of PTI leader Jahangir Tareen, "How can a society develop if the criterion for women's success is to be a good wife?" It is not their fault. That's the kind of society we're growing up in.

Ali also advised Qasim Shah to open his mind and read Margaret Med's books.

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