East India Company which ruled over a region

It is the last year of the sixteenth century. As an industrial hub producing a quarter of the world's products, India spends gold. The Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar is the ruler and the richest man in the world. In the civil war-torn agricultural country of Britain, only 3% of the world's products are produced. Here is the government of Queen Elizabeth I. Europe's major powers, Portugal and Spain, have overtaken Britain in trade. In the form of traders, British pirates are content to return their merchant ships.

East India Company which ruled over a region


Expeditions that British businessman Ralph Fitch has reported on India's prosperity while traveling on business trips to the Indian Ocean, Mesopotamia, the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia. His journey is so long that his will has been executed before he returned to Britain.

The Levant Company has made two unsuccessful attempts to obtain spices from the East. Fitch's information is another campaign that paves the way for more than 200 influential and business professionals in the UK, including Sergei Lancaster.

He obtained a monopoly on trade in East Asia from the Queen on 31 December 1600 under a new company. There are many names of this company but it is known as East India Company.

After traveling elsewhere in the early years, in August 1608, Captain William Hawkins anchored his ship Hector at the Indian port of Surat (present-day Indian Gujarat) and announced the arrival of the East India Company here.

Britain's trade rivals in the Indian Ocean were already Dutch and Portuguese. No one would have guessed then that this company would have to rule directly over the country's richest country, about 20 times its size, and about a quarter of its population.

By then, King Akbar was dead. In those days, only the Ming dynasty of China could match King Akbar.

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