Asma Shirazi's column: Biden wins or Trump, what do we do with it?

Democracy in our country is in danger every other day, every other thing. In the biblical sense, the government of the people is for the people, through the people, but here these meanings are changed to something else.


Asma Shirazi's column: Biden wins or Trump, what do we do with it?

The puppet show on the stage of democracy and the race for more power in the name of power may be called democracy, but allegations of vote-rigging in the name of elections have always cast doubt on public opinion.

 In the system we have in the name of democracy, the slogans like personal freedom, civilian and parliamentary supremacy are only to seduce the heart. Otherwise, at least the people are not aware of what the name of 'democracy' is.

We understand only the true meaning and source of democracy. Where he put it whenever he wanted, he removed it whenever he wanted ... Freedom of speech and writing whenever he wanted. Whenever he wants to raise slogans of revolution, whenever he wants to use accountability as a weapon, this is more or less the story of democracy from a better year.

 Sir! This is called democracy, every path of revolution through Rawalpindi, every atmosphere of change is light and the light democracy breathing between two dictatorships is also due to 'them'.

Well, what a lament for your democracy. In a country like the United States, democracy seems to be struggling. At the moment, the debate is going on as to what the real state of democracy will be after these elections.

Biden wins or Trump, what do we do with it?


 The concerns come as President Trump has voiced strong reservations about voting by mail and signaled he will not accept the results if he loses. On the other hand, in case of defeat, there is a danger of strong protests from the Democrats. A large number of analysts and magazines in the United States are expressing doubts that the United States could face a situation similar to that of controversial democracies abroad. Magazines such as the Financial Times have expressed their concerns and reservations that the failure of democracy in Iraq and Egypt is merely a national crisis for those countries, but in the United States such a situation could turn into a global crisis.

This time the subject of elections in the United States is Code 19, public health, environmental pollution and the trend of white racism. All these issues are being openly discussed in the society. There are differences of opinion and in some cases accusations of treason in the form of pro-Russia are being heard. Who wins and who loses is decided by the ten American swing states or by postal votes. In any case, the decision will be the people's.

How important are the results of the recent US elections for Pakistan? Friends seem to be worried about this from time to time. What do we have to do with whether Trump raises the flag of victory or Joe Biden? We have to give the results of peace in Afghanistan so that the American forces can return from here.

On the one hand, China's proximity and on the other hand, India's enmity towards Pakistan, Iran-Saudi Arabia dispute and most importantly, the corridor that opens the door to the world through Pakistan and above all the US interests in the region. We will be taken in this context in the coming days. That is what has always been the case, the demands of Dow Moore. Biden came or Trump did it to us.

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