Police have traced a 5-year-old Land Cruiser driver

Police have traced a 5-year-old Land Cruiser driver

The child will not drive next time, father submits affidavit to CTO Multan, police seize vehicle

Multan a child driving a Land Cruiser came to the scene, reached the police station with his parents. According to details, a 5-year-old boy driving a Land Cruiser in Multan appeared with his parents at the police station where the traffic police raided the vehicle and seized the vehicle, while the child's father submitted an affidavit to CTO Multan. The father assured me that the child would not drive again.

It should be noted here that the adornment of social media yesterday was a Land Cruiser driven by a very young child on the busiest road of the famous city. As soon as the video was uploaded, it went viral like wildfire. A video of a 5-year-old boy driving on the busiest highway in Multan went viral.

After which the spokesman of the traffic police said that the vehicle was being identified by the cameras installed on the metro route.

A video of a 5-year-old boy driving a Land Cruiser on Bosan Road, Multan's busiest road, has gone viral on social media, showing a child driving fearlessly on the city's main highway. However, the child was not stopped on the way despite the presence of several traffic wardens and police. When the video went viral, traffic police also woke up, collecting footage from CCTV cameras along the route.

According to a traffic police spokesman, the CCTV footage will identify the vehicle number and the owner. Action will be taken against the owner and the minor driver. After the video went viral, social media users made various comments and were seen taking advantage of the management. People said that the police only challan the poor people or they look at motorcycles and rickshaws as well as small vehicles that even challan and treat them rudely. They start to burn anyway. However, now that the police have started tracing the vehicle, let's see how much fine the police imposes after identifying the vehicle and its owner.

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Restaurant Supervisor Required in Dubai


Restaurant Supervisor Required

Posted: Today
Salary: AED 5000
Place: Dubai

To be successful as a Restaurant Supervisor, you should exercise effective management skills and take necessary disciplinary actions to address poor staff performance. Ultimately, a top-performing Restaurant Supervisor should be able to achieve exceptional customer service and ensure that customers have a pleasant restaurant experience.


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Agriculture Helper Job in Dubai


Agriculture Helper Job in Dubai

Posted: Today
Salary: AED 1050
Place: Dubai


SALARY: 1050 + OT + RICE + GAS


Accommodation + TRANSPORTION




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Male Cleaner jobs in Dubai 2021



Posted: Today
Salary: AED 1100
Place: Dubai


SALARY: 1100 + OT





KINDLY CONTACT = 0509056961



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Half of Pakistan's population does not want to be vaccinated against corona

ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 : Forty-nine percent of Pakistanis are not in favor of vaccinating against code 19, according to a recent Gallup poll. Those surveyed believe the risk of corona virus is being exaggerated.

The results of the Gallup survey were released at a time when the Pakistani government announced on Thursday that the process of administering the cyanoform vaccine would begin next week.

China's neighbor China announced last week that it would donate 500,000 such vaccines to Pakistan by Sunday.

Pakistan's Drug Regulatory Authority has also approved the British vaccine AstraZeneca and the Russian-made Sputnik Five.

Earlier, Pakistani officials had hinted that the private sector would be allowed to buy vaccines manufactured by any major company.

Thirty-eight percent of those polled said they were ready to be vaccinated. The latest survey raises the same concerns as the polio vaccine in Pakistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in the world where polio is still endemic.

Rezma Bibi of Mansehra works for polio vaccination.

"I don't think my family needs a vaccine against the corona virus," he told the German news agency DPA. I didn't see people getting infected with the virus. "

Mian Asif does business in Peshawar. He spoke in support of the US Alliance for Democracy, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

According to official figures, more than half a million people in Pakistan have been infected with the corona virus so far, bringing the death toll to about 11,000. According to medical experts, corona virus tests are reduced in Pakistan and the actual number of infected people may be much higher than the official figures.

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OGRA approves increase in Sui gas prices

An increase of Rs 39.89 per mmbt in gas prices has been approved. The price hike will take effect after notification from the government.

Islamabad OGRA has increased the average gas tariff of Sui Southern Gas Company. According to media reports, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has approved the increase in gas prices. At the request of Sui Southern Gas Company, OGRA allowed the price hike. OGRA approves Rs 39.89 per mmbt increase in Sui gas prices According to OGRA, increase in gas prices has been approved for consumers of Sindh and Balochistan. It has been reported that the average gas tariff of Ograne Sui Southern Gas Company has been increased. The price hike by OGRA will be applied after the notification of the federal government is issued.

It may be recalled that earlier in the meeting of the Economic Co-ordination Committee, a summary of supply of 22 MMCFD additional gas to Sui Southern Gas Company was approved.

It may be recalled that during the hearing of the petition regarding gas shortage in Sindh in the Sindh High Court, Sui Southern Gas Company has filed a reply in the court. The problem is natural. Production is low and gas consumption is high in winter. Can do Justice Amjad Sehto of Sindh High Court asked the lawyer of SSGC why he did not order LNG. The lawyer of Sui Southern Gas Company replied that LNG is also being used. The unit is worth Rs. 3,000 and we are giving it to the customer for Rs. The GC sought reply from the petitioner and adjourned further hearing till February 16.

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District & Session Jobs Narowal Jobs 2021


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